Feel and take over Japanese traditional culture;
Tea ceremony, Kimono fitting, Discover Buddha and Sutras, Buddhism vegetarian dishes, Homemade Japanese dishes (Obanzai) and Incense-smelling ceremony.
You may try and also attend the lessons again and again here, ‘Koan’ at Miyagawa-cho Kyoto.

Discover Buddha and Sutras

Give yourself peace of mind with Sutras copying workshop and Buddhist dialog session leaded by nun.
Our teahouse style bar would make yourself settle down.

Buddhism vegetarian cooking workshop

Our Buddhist nun would teach you seasonal vegetarian dishes with tradition

Incense-smelling ceremony

Enjoy the invisible incense with all your senses. Learn the basics of fragrant wood and smell certain patterns.

Tea Ceremony

We serve you the art of tea ceremony of samurai families. You may learn the behavior, the taste of both thin and thick green tea. Feel and concentrate on our culture at our calm and special suite.

Tea tasting and Japanese tea lessons for beginners

Tea tasting and Japanese tea for beginners
Enjoy the difference of several organic tea. Also you may learn how to drip tasteful Japanese tea.

Kimono fitting

Return home with your understanding of Japanese culture, wearing high-grade silk kimono that have their roots in Japan’s long and distant past. You may also learn how to wear Kimino, upon your request.

Kyoto Homemade Cooking

Learn Kyoto oriented seasonal recipes of homemade dishes from our expert teacher.

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